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I believe that everyone is equal, that we all have vast potential inside and that given the right nurturing environment, anyone who has the desire can find and bring out their untapped amazing inner abilities and creative inspiration. In other words, that with a little supportive prompting we can find solutions, new energy and new ways of thinking that allow us to overcome any challenges we face, moving forward with empowerment in our lives. I facilitate this space for transformation and unfolding in both my workshops and my one-to-one sessions. Whilst I plan ahead and meditate on what is needed for a particular session or workshop, I approach both with an open mind and no rigid ideas about how a session should proceed, just an attitude of enquiry and a knowledge that when opening up the process to the soul energy of those present, this higher energy can flow in, informing those present of what's needed, thus providing opportunities for seemingly 'miraculous' insight and growth.


Each session is a learning journey - both client(s) and practitioner are being taught by soul. I just facilitate the space for this to happen, based on my experience of how energy flows. Although sometimes the results and shifts may seem 'miraculous', the process of healing and transformation that occurs through connecting to our soul-selves is just a natural consequence of opening up to the most 'real' version of ourselves and our true natures. This real version of ourselves is eternal and existed before all the conditioning and experiences of life stepped in at an early age to set our personalities in place, providing us with false information, limiting beliefs and stereotypical world-views. Healing is an undoing of this process. Both the personal sessions and the transformational workshops that I offer, serve to deliver you back home to your unlimited self, the place from which you can become empowered and move forward with your life, in alignment with your soul. When you approach your life aligned to soul, things naturally shift.















I have been on a long journey of development both through undergoing profound and humbling inner spiritual experiences and through facing numerous life challenges, including divorce, burnout, chronic health issues, financial issues, lack of support, near homelessness, loss, relationship challenges and at times wanting to end it all. Through all this I have learnt big lessons about the necessity of applying spiritual principles to daily life; the true purpose of the archetypal marriage of spirit and matter. I also understand the hidden gifts that our challenges offer. James Hillman has said that "in your pathology is your salvation". I have personally experienced how each challenge and issue are an opportunity to open to greater personal expansion and self-awareness. I understand how difficult life may seem when going though challenging circumstances and I have developed a plethora of helpful resources, as well as an awareness of the balance needed between empathy/compassionate understanding (listening) and coaching - pushing ourselves to go beyond our perceived limits. I see that acceptance precedes inner growth which then catalyses outer change.


I will hold you energetically, I will encourage you and I will gently challenge you where needed. Most of all, I will get you looking within for your own answers, acting as catalyst, guide and facilitator for your unfolding. The process is best summed up in the metaphor of the lotus flower, symbolic of our spiritual selves, opening to the light of the soul, sitting on the fluctuating waters of the mind and the emotions, whilst rooted into the murky mud of life experience. I use intuitive coaching techniques and energy healing based on Eastern Medicine principles similar to Chinese Medicine to help create positive results with all sorts of issues. I have helped clear long term energy blockages and create 'breakthroughs' in numerous clients including issues involving abusive relationships, eating disorders, relationship challenges, abortion, miscarriage, general health issues, low self esteem, life purpose, and lack of clarity and direction.


My workshops often feature the combined power of self expression through the arts and soul alignment through spiritual practices. I have undergone various counselling and psychology courses; studied a two year diploma in Esoteric Energy Healing with the INEH (www.ineh.org), as well as other healing modalities; undertaken a Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India; I am a qualified Lifemusic facilitator; and I hold a Bachelor of Music degree specialising in Flute Performance. I also like to explore creating art from the soul and I love to travel. Before becoming self-employed, I worked in a student support setting in a university helping students with welfare issues. The majority of my learning and insight, however, has been developed over many years from personal study and intuitive development through the guidance I receive whilst meditating, through creativity and through undertaking healing sessions. I am inspired by nature, by energy medicine and shamanism, by the life-changing books about Anastasia by Vladimir Megre which have prompted a whole 'back-to-the-earth' eco-village movement in Russia, by the book 'Autobiography of a Yogi' by Paramhansa Yogananda, by Buddhism, Taoism and by the yogic philosophies of the East.


Some of the beautiful feedback I have received is featured in the testimonials below, where you can read how others have experienced my sessions and workshops.


I regularly posts ideas & inspiration on Facebook & Instagram:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/anandaloveandoneness

Instagram: @brightstarhealing


All enquiries, email ~ alexia@alexiamagdalena.com











What others have said:


"I can recommend Alexia Magdalena for really encouraging and patient flute lessons. Alexia is knowledgeable and explains in a way that is easy to understand. Also, her teaching style is adaptable to the way I learn, which is much appreciated. Really enjoyed my lesson and looking forward to the next." - Katrina Wakefield, facilitator of Katrina's Laughter Clinic and founder of the Heartspace community wellbeing initiative in Bracklesham Bay


"You were amazing!!! Such a wonderful evening." - Shirley Stump, Music & Movement for Babies Facilitator, www.yobabymusic.wordpress.com [participant at a vocal workshop]


"Very special evening, thank you so much" - Caroline Hutton, Yoga Teacher www.carolinehutton.co.uk [participant and organiser of one of my vocal workshops]


"Thank you for a great time Friday night. I'm converted. I want to sing all day long! It was a real pleasure for me. I've got four family members interested too!" - Rachel Goddard [participant at a vocal workshop]



"Thank you very much for the distance healing. I feel a lot better - more positive, less weighed down I guess. I felt the healing at the start and my body was reacting, but then I got sleepy I think, and all I remember is waking up around 1am! It's hard to describe, but a lot of the anger, frustration and despondency has gone from me, and there is a lot more hope that I can see now. L [after her separate healing session] is also a lot better and is coping well with C[their young daughter] now. Thank you!" - Adam, Nottinghamshire



"... You really do give a wonderful healing and reading and your words have so much perception and clarity to them, thank you so so much..." - Jenny Geering, Yoga Teacher/Pregnancy Yoga Teacher at Ishara Yoga, Eastbourne, www.easyyogasussex.com



"Thank you so much for your healing... I feel better than I have in a long time. You are an amazing person and have a great gift." - L.S. Nottinghamshire













“Around 10.10pm last night I felt an incredible surge of relaxation come over me. I lay in bed with my window open and felt so peaceful. I slept very well last night... I feel full of peace and acceptance. THANK YOU for your time and beautiful energy Lexi. I look forward to knowing your thoughts later.” - A. A, Dubai



“Wow! I didn't expect to feel anything but actually I truly did. Deep, deep relaxation, almost felt like I couldn't move. Then I had tingly hands and a tingly tongue. Rudely disturbed by the phone ringing... but I settled back into the deep state almost immediately. I then felt almost cocooned by a blue hazy mist!! I carried on meditating for a while after. I feel wonderful now. Thank you so much again... a beautiful gift.” - L.T, Dorset



“Such an insightful piece of writing from my lovely friend Alexia. She is a wonderful distance healer too and I recommend her, no matter where in the world you are.” - Christina Wellbeloved, Shiatsu Practitioner & Counsellor, Hampshire www.awakenedheart.co.uk, www.youtube.com/shiatsu21 & www.beloved-one.co.uk



“Had all this light in my head, such a profound experience. I feel so much better now. Thank you so much.” F.T, West Sussex















“Today I had an incredible healing session with the lovely and truly skilled “energetic surgeon”, Alexia... I felt like I was in the ER with a doctor with lifetimes of experience... the way you feel doctors are supposed to be. The healing process was overseen by angels & guides...” Rachael Lynne, USA (short version) www.rachaellynne.com




“During my healing session with Alexia, I felt like I was under the care of a gentle and highly skilled "energetic surgeon." I lay down for most of the duration of the healing and experienced the sensations moving through various chakras, notably the work taking place in my heart and throat. I would feel when something "cleared "and another chakra would start being worked on. Towards the end I started to feel very protected and grounded, and came to find out that's exactly part of what she did! The feeling has lasted in the days following the healing. I feel safe and secure, especially in my self-expression. She accurately picked up on pains stored within my sacral that I have been aware of for some time, which were also linked to my throat / self-expression. She could really see! In the days following, I'm much more easily able to embrace and express my "lower emotions".. and in doing so they don't even become as dense anymore, passing through me with much greater ease. She suggested finding a creative outlet, and as soon as I got the ball rolling, things are flowing in my life that have seemed not to be for a long time. It's almost like there were "dead zones" that have now become full of life! She also accurately picked up on a "cheeky" but "in no way bad" elemental friend with me... which I realized must be my strong connection to the fairy realm ever since I was a little girl. So grateful for Alexia facilitating a deepening of this connection! Also, the feedback she shared after the session about what took place resonated beyond what words can express. I felt Alexia as a pure conduit of Source energy as she and I both had the experience of being surrounded by angels during a part of the healing. All in all, this was a wonderful experience and if I'm ever in need of this energetic surgery again, Alexia is my go-to girl.” Rachael Lynne, Astrologer & Spiritual Intuitive, USA – www.rachaellynne.com & www.masteringthezodiac.com














"Wednesday's session had a very powerful effect on me... I felt a tremendous sense of peace during the session... and I felt more grounded as I left the shop than I had in a long time. I will definitely be there [again]." - a participant on my Exploring Meditation course.


"Alexia is very knowledgeable and I am looking forward to learning more about the different breathing techniques which are handy to have in your meditation tool kit. A very relaxing and enjoyable class." - a participant on my Exploring Meditation course.


"This was a wonderful first session. Alexia has a lovely warm and friendly manner and was so welcoming. She was well prepared and the session was interesting and informative. I was so relaxed when I left, I felt as if I had been there for hours... but it was only one hour! I will be back again. Unfortunately not soon enough because of my work schedule. I thoroughly recommend this group. Thank you very much Alexia." - a participant on my Exploring Meditation course.


"Thank you so much for Saturday. The workshop was amazing. I have felt in a lovely warm space ever since..." - Deborah Peaceful, a participant at one of our workshops


"What a fantastic morning! Alexia and Sarah held and nurtured the space so wonderfully and everything looked so attractive and felt warm and colourful with the gentle aroma of incense. We started out with some Yoga exercises led by Sarah, which I have never done before, but I found her fluid and fluent teaching was easy to follow. It delivered me into the space with ease and relaxation and some giggles too! This prepared me well for some joyous somatic movement stimulated by powerful themes of the Goddess accompanied by the perfect choice of music. Percussive instruments and flutes were scattered around for play if we wanted, adding to the vibrancy. The dance for me ignited both my playful child-like side and a much deeper 'inner warrior' was revealed too. We were gently encouraged to use voice if we liked - and I found a voice in me that I did not know existed....something rose from my belly and it was powerful and revealing and ultimately very healing. Then, to sink back into stillness, came one of the most gorgeous meditations, led by Alexia, I have ever encountered. It was beautiful to find myself in this place of peace, love and stillness which created an inner journey that has stayed with me ever since, somewhere I know I can always visit; I learned that warmth and security and a beautiful place is always available to me inside my body, no matter what is happening on the outside! Thank you so much Sarah and Alexia. You are two very gifted women and I look forward to joining you again." - Becky Paton, Facilitator of Chichester Lucid & Conscious Dreamers Group via Meetup.com, and a participant at one of our workshops.


















"Thank you Alexia for the great healing sessions and guidance. Each healing session I receive, teaches me something new about myself.

With daily challenges and stresses I find the mind can often become cloudy, yet the distance healing has successfully helped me re-centre myself in those times, allowing me to think clearer and be a better person in general.

During the healing sessions, my immediate experience is a state of relaxation, that is followed by gentle waves of calm and a stillness of the mind. This has been very beneficial for me and has helped me see more clearly and deal with difficult situations that we all experience.

After just a 1 hour session I feel more alert, more awake and calmer and fully of energy.

Alexia is also a very good teacher who has demonstrated she has a wide range of knowledge and has committed to extensive research. Alexia has guided me with valuable workshops in meditation and breath-work. Alexia always goes that extra mile to help with individually tailored lifestyle advice that is very empowering and helpful.

I fully recommend Alexia to anyone who is searching for healing or who needs help making sense of events that they are currently experiencing in their life." - Mark Allen, Website Designer and Personal Trainer, www.markallendesigner.com





“It's been great being out of my head all day” - Jessica, a participant at one of our workshops.



“Thank you both for a beautiful, creative and wonderfully freeing workshop yesterday and fabulous “Lifemusic”. Hope you will do it again soon.” C.R, Hampshire



“Just another quick “thank you” to you, Sarah and Mark, from both of us. It was an absolutely wonderful day yesterday, and that feeling of grounding and contentment is still with us – long may it last!” J.S, West Sussex




"I wanted to thank you for all you did for me today. I feel so different. I realise how much strength I have within me, and how I have been doing myself a disservice telling myself I can't cope or make anything better. I feel like a lightbulb has gone on today and it is really thanks to you... I feel SO empowered and relieved that I can change these patterns... Forever grateful. Big love. xxx" - S.P, Yoga/Pilates Teacher, Fitness Instructor & Artist, Somerset




"I was feeling quite ill when we spoke and I felt a real sense of being 'detoxed'. I woke up the next day with a strong sense of purpose and motivation for change, which has stayed with me." - K.P, West Sussex





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