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"An incredible healing session with the lovely and truly skilled 'energetic surgeon' Alexia... I felt like I was in the ER with a doctor with lifetimes of experience... such a powerful, yet also gentle energy exchange"

~ Rachael, www.rachaellynne.com, www.masteringthezodiac.com

Light of the Soul Sessions -


Powerful 2 hour sessions worldwide via Skype & distance healing. These sessions are profound in that they offer a unique combination of one-to-one coaching, counselling & instruction of spiritual techniques specifically tailored to your needs in a skype call for the first hour, followed by an hour of distance energy healing guided by your soul, where I focus on clearing and re-charging your energy field. The healing energy is usually able to penetrate deeper and catalyse greater transformation in these sessions because of the shifts already brought about from the coaching session beforehand. All this, without you having to leave the comfort of your own home; you can even relax in your own bed for the healing session! Please note, due to the longer length of the 'Light of the Soul' Sessions, only a limited amount are offered each week. I follow up with an email giving feedback from the healing and you can respond with any further questions.


Price £75 for a two hour session & email feedback Q&As



Esoteric Healing Sessions -


Esoteric Healing is an ancient form of energy healing using principles similar to Chinese Medicine, working with the energy of the organs, endocrine glands, nervous system and other bodily systems, as well as addressing energy imbalances on all levels - spiritual, mental, emotional & physical. Healing sessions are usually done on a distance healing basis. I send the healing to you while you relax on your bed or in a comfy chair at home. The energy healing is just as effective done remotely as in person, sometimes it is even more so ~ working in this way, I personally find it allows me to effect change at a deeper level in your energy field.


Price £40 for one hour session & email feedback Q&As



Spiritual Coaching Sessions -


The spiritual coaching sessions are via Skype and can be used to address any area of your life that you wish to improve. It will include a combination of listening and non-directive questioning to get you thinking in a new way, as well as a guided visualisation or meditation to shift your energy and state, making you more receptive to finding solutions and ways forward in your life. It may also include guidance on spiritual techniques and meditational tools relevant to your situation. No particular beliefs are necessary.


Price £40 for one hour session & email feedback Q&As













To book and for further information email ~ alexia@alexiamagdalena.com or telephone 07447 026 527.












Alexia's Philosophy:~

Alexia believes that everyone is equal, that we all have vast potential inside and that given the right nurturing environment, anyone who has the desire can find and bring out their untapped amazing inner abilities and creative inspiration. In other words, that with a little supportive prompting we can find solutions, new energy and new ways of thinking that allow us to overcome any challenges we face and move forward with empowerment in our lives. She facilitates this space for transformation and unfolding in both her workshops and her personal long-distance one-to-one sessions. Whilst she plans ahead and meditates on what is needed for a particular session or workshop, she approaches both with an open mind and no rigid ideas about how a session should proceed, just an attitude of enquiry and a knowledge that when opening up the process to the soul energy of those present, this higher energy can flow in, informing those present of what's needed, thus providing opportunities for seemingly 'miraculous' insight and growth.


Each session is a learning journey - both client(s) and practitioner are being taught by soul. Alexia just facilitates the space for this to happen, based on her spiritual understanding of how energy flows. Although sometimes the results and shifts may seem 'miraculous', the process of healing and transformation that occur through connecting to our soul-selves is just a natural consequence of opening up to the most 'real' version of ourselves and our true natures. This real version of ourselves is eternal and existed before all the conditioning and experiences of life stepped in at an early age to set our personalities, providing us with false information, limiting beliefs and stereotypical world-views. Healing is an undoing of this process. Both the personal sessions and the transformational workshops that Alexia offers, serve to deliver you back home to your unlimited self, the place from which you can become empowered and create your ideal life, in alignment with your soul. When you approach your life aligned to soul, things naturally shift.











Alexia chose an auspicious day to incarnate - the full moon of Christmas day 1977 - and her life has been far from dull ever since! She has been on a vast journey of development both through undergoing profound and humbling inner spiritual experiences and through facing numerous life challenges as part of her spiritual initiations, including divorce, burnout, chronic health issues, financial issues, lack of support, near homelessness, loss, relationship challenges and at times wanting to end it all. Through all this she has learnt big lessons about the necessity of applying spiritual principles to daily life; the true purpose of the archetypal marriage of spirit and matter. She understands how difficult life can seem when going though challenging circumstances and has developed a plethora of helpful resources, as well as an awareness of the balance needed between empathy/compassionate understanding and coaching - pushing ourselves to go beyond our perceived limits. She sees that acceptance precedes inner growth which then catalyses outer change.


She will hold you energetically, she will encourage you and she will gently challenge you where needed. Most of all, she will get you looking within for your own answers, acting as catalyst, guide and facilitator for your unfolding. The process is best summed up in the metaphor of the lotus flower, symbolic of our spiritual selves, opening to the light of the soul, sitting on the fluctuating waters of the mind and the emotions, whilst rooted into the murky mud of life experience. Alexia uses intuitive coaching techniques and energy healing based on Eastern Medicine principles similar to Chinese Medicine to help create positive results with all sorts of issues. She has helped clear long term energy blockages and create 'breakthroughs' in numerous clients including issues involving abusive relationships, eating disorders, relationship challenges, abortion, miscarriage, general health issues, low self esteem, life purpose, and lack of clarity and direction.


Alexia's workshops often feature the combined power of self expression through the arts and soul alignment through spiritual practices. She has undergone various counselling and psychology courses; studied a two year diploma in Esoteric Energy Healing with the INEH (www.ineh.org), as well as other healing modalities; undertaken a Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India; is a qualified Lifemusic facilitator; and holds a Bachelor of Music degree specialising in Flute Performance. She also likes to explore creating art from the soul. Before becoming self-employed, she worked in a student support setting in a university helping students with many different issues. The majority of her learning and insight, however, has been developed over many years from personal study and intuitive development through the guidance she receives whilst meditating, through creativity and through undertaking healing sessions. She is inspired by nature, by energy medicine and shamanism, by Buddhism and by the yogic philosophies of the East.


Some of the beautiful feedback she has received is featured on the 'Testimonials' page, where you can read how others have experienced her sessions and workshops.


Facebook: www.facebook.com/anandaloveandoneness

Blog: thepathofthemystic.blogspot.co.uk - for articles and spiritual information

Instagram: @thepathofthemystic


All enquiries, email ~ alexia@alexiamagdalena.com


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